old woman, freek

Sixty-year-old girl

Photographer:Irina Litvin
Elena is a woman of sixty-seven and you can meet her in Kiev nightclubs, at parties, fashion shows and exhibitions. As she is very sociable and active, she’d better be called a girl than an old woman.


Love in Anadyr

I was born in Russia, in the Urals. I am a design engineer by profession; I worked in defense industry field although it was not what I liked. When I was 32, I met my future husband and my life was predestined.

I moved to the north where he worked in a gold mine. I had no luggage along, as I was not sure whether everything would be OK. I just felt this man to be mine and we came together.

My husband was born in Kiev but he was sent by the party order to Andyr, within the Polar circle. I lived with him there for 25 years, at the pole of cold (50 degrees Celsius below zero in winter), but there was not a single day when I felt inconvenience, as a man’s man was by my side.

Under the shelter

We lived in many places, traveled all over the north, and then we moved to Kiev. My husband was a journalist by profession and worked as a publisher.

I led a quiet family life – I was smart to keep in the background otherwise our family would be ruined. A woman shouldn’t over-emphasize herself with her man, but let him feel tougher.

old women, freek

He was very active, at the age of 50 he danced rock’n’roll, he could have given more to this world, but unfortunately he died early. Now I live in the apartment where every corner reminds me of him.

We have lived 25 years together. We had no children, otherwise I would be called an old woman, but I am just a woman who enjoys life. In December I will be 67 years old, but I feel very young. I was born like this, in my seventies I feel the same as when I was twenty, I will not change.

Taste of freedom

I have no relatives in Ukraine, my only brother lives in the Urals. I don’t afford myself to be sick or weak, because there is no one to help me and I am not going to ask for any help. I haven’t failed, but on the contrary I live the life even better than before, a different life and I enjoy my freedom and independence.

Nightclubs are my favorite place. Someone goes to gym and I go to nightclubs. I have so much energy that I need to share it. It turns out that I give myself to the world. The audience there is not my kind to say the least. I set an example to the youth that a nightclub is not a bordello. People like me, especially boys, so I am a competitor for many girls. I keep the audience up till 5 in the morning. The youth doesn’t know how to dance and I teach them. The secret is not to drink so much and smoke how they do. I love to dance on my own, I know I can do it beautifully and when I go on the dance floor everyone watches me, and then they are afraid to dance as they know they look worse than I do.

Spin doctor

It is important that a woman have good taste and style. I don’t wear expensive brand clothes, but my intuition helps me to be always elegant. The dress I am wearing now was bought in a small shop, it is a designer’s thing. I have already had a fall photo shoot in this dress. Sure, that having uploaded the photos I mentioned designer’s name and contacts. Later she told me that clients called her to buy the same dress.

I often make public appearances and write about in on Facebook. I always mention the people I meet and the brands whose client I have become. There is a host of photos and I cannot conceal them. I am a spin doctor all right.

Art salon

Together with my friends, we are going to launch our own art project. There are three of us: Elena Yasinskaia, Vitalii Turbinin and I. I am old enough to be their mother and I immediately told them that I would be the boss. Elena owns her dancing school and the art project was her initiative, Vitalii is a photographer and I attract people with my vividness.

For the time being, the club is going to work online, but later we are going to bring it to real life. We want our own premises where we will be able to create a salon and a house of arts; interest groups will gather there, people will meet each other, communicate and improve their knowledge of arts.

Within the art project, we shoot video reviews of events in Kiev and interview interesting people. Every day we visit different personalities. We don’t make market of this activity.

On a catwalk and in picture

I go to every exhibition and gallery in the city. As I am a bright woman, I won’t go to an ugly place. I am not a society lioness but I am told that I am better than all the celebrities are. The secret is that I am not spoiled by the dirt. I have been living active and vivid life for 11 years already. I am not sure whether I could endure such lifestyle if I had always lived like this.

old woman, freek

I love club beaches and spend all the frost-free season there, so in summer I become blond as my hair fades in the sun. Catwalks and cameras love me. I has been recently offered a noir style photo session. However, in fact I am not a vamp woman but a sweetheart ready to try every image, the point is that I don’t become worse that I am now.

I’ve had an actress experience: I played a lady abbess in a Georgian movie project “It happened in Kiev”. Producers saw me in a nightclub and offered a part. We filmed in a real bordello. As I am not an actress I could barely act. I suggested that I improvised but I had to pronounce the text from the script most of the times.

One life for two

I can say that I live for two: my husband and I. It is a pity to say but I became myself after his death. I haven’t found a man yet because I can’t live with one who is worse than my husband and there is no one better than him in the universe.

I am not idle, I am festive. I don’t feel tiredness. I cannot stop, as it will mean the end. As Exupery said, human communication is the biggest luxury, so I cannot be isolated from the society.

My goal is to make people happy and I enrich myself doing it. I think the woman like me has to live at least in Ibiza. I would go there with great pleasure but not alone. Sure, if I met a prince I could have devoted a part of my life to him, supplement and beautify him. I always flirt with men. Who knows, maybe one day I will fall in love and my life will change.