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Seven cooking master classes for children in Kiev

The People have chosen the location where professionals teach children to create fine cuisine.


Cooking weekend in Kartata Potata

Training courses for children on Ukrainian, French, American, Indian, Japanese and Israeli cuisines have the format of a weekend camp. The presenter and founder of TV-show Kartata Potata Dasha Malakhova teaches her little guests to cook. Children make tours to fish stores, food markets, bakeries and coffee houses.

During the educational pastime children have breakfast, lunch cooked at the master-class and afternoon snack. Parent get a photo report on their children’s activity in Facebook.

The cooking weekend is hold every Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 to 18:00 in Kartata Potata studio. The address is 10 Artema street.

Price for one day is 500 hrivnas.

The children from 7 to 13 can participate in the master class.

Cooking master classes in Beef restaurant

Master classes are hold on Sundays but not every week. Preliminary registration is obligatory. Recipes change every time.

Two dishes are cooked at a master class, for example a salad and a dessert. Rather simple variants are chosen for preparation – ravioli, mini-burgers or pies.

The restaurant chefs hold these master classes. They make the most difficult things like pastry, and children only create their masterpieces. The little chefs wear toques and aprons, and the parents are offered to have a rest in the dining room.

Age is not important, but 6 or 7-year-old children are constant guest in the kitchen.

The cooking lesson starts at 2 p.m. and lasts about an hour and a half.

The price is 150 hrivnas. The address is 11 Shota Rustaveli street.

Food school in gastro-caf? Baby Rock

Master classes for children are hold by entertainers every day. They take little clients to the kitchen to teach them bake muffins or oatmeal cookies. As there are a lot of amusements in the gastro-caf? Baby Rock and the food school is only one of them, the simple recipes are chosen. Entertainers work with children in the kitchen.

Children from 2 to 12 visit the caf?, and the ones who attend the master class are from 5 to 7 years old. Parents are prohibited to enter the children caf?, but thanks to video surveillance, they can watch the process from any place in the city.

Little cooks can eat their cookies at once or take home.

The event is hold daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. The price for two hours is 249 hrivnas, food, drinks, entertainment and master classes are included.

In addition, every Friday from 4 to 6 p.m. children can prepare a delicious supper at food school. The cooks teach children to make main dishes like risotto with cream sauce, fish cakes, salads and side dishes. The lessons are intended for children from 5 to 12 years. The price of one lesson is 249 hrivnas per head.

The address is 10b Vozdvizhenskaia street.

Kitchen children club in Mafia chain restaurant

Every weekend the kitchen of the Kiev chain restaurant Mafia is open for the kids’ creativity. Children wear aprons and toques and cook dishes from the menu chosen by their parents. It can be pizza, sushi or maki. The chief cook teaches, helps and watches over the safety.

The groups are gathered on preliminary registration. The number of “students” depends on location size and capacity. The age is not limited by the restaurant rules, but they can refuse parents with very small babies for safety’s sake.

The master class is free for children; parents only pay for the dish they have ordered. They also get 20% discount. Furthermore, parents can buy the cook’s uniform as a souvenir.

Kitchen children clubs are open at weekends from 11:00 to 13:00.

Pizza cooking lessons in “Il Molino”

Every Sunday at 2 p.m., pizza cooking lessons are hold for children in Il Molino restaurants. If adults gather more than five children, the master class can be hold when it is convenient.

Pizzaiolo supervises the process revealing the secrets of cooking and telling amusing facts about this dish. The waiters help children and take care of them. The cook bakes the pizza made by children and then treats young cookery specialist.

Kids starting from 3 years can participate. The condition is that every kid is allowed to eat the ingredients used for the pizza. Parent can attend at will.

The master class lasts about an hour, but the duration depends on the quantity of guests and their age.

Price is 150 hrivnas per head.

Cooking and food craftwork lessons in Carpaccio Caf?

Children are invited to attend cooking lessons every Sunday at 13:00. Each master class is devoted to a certain dish. Together with a cook and a nanny, they cook chocolate puffs, pasta, pizza, cookies. In addition to the cooking lessons, the restaurant also holds master classes of food craftwork; for example, decoration of a cup with macaroni.

The price of the lesson includes treating to the prepared dish and works out at 80 hrivnas. Meanwhile parents can have rest at table. If they leave their children the price is increased to 100 hrivnas.

There are no age limits. The average number of children in a group is eight people.

Restaurant addresses are 14 Sofievskaia street and 25 Dneprovskaia Naberezhnaia.

Lessons of homemade cuisine at “Varenichnaia Katiusha”

Chain restaurant “Varenichnaia Katiusha” teaches children to cook traditional post-Soviet dish of homemade cuisine. Children from 6 to 14 years can attend a lesson. It is hold every Sunday at noon and lasts two hours.

Children together with cooks prepare dishes from the menu that are rather complicated. Among those are dressed herring, dumplings with cherries, stuffed cabbage rolls and stuffed ham. After the lesson, every young cook gets a diploma and photos of the lesson brightest moments.

The price is 100 hrivnas.