Scandinavian style apartment

Photographer:Vladimir Khomiakov
A large apartment in Scandinavian style with Provence elements.

One hundred and thirty square meters apartment is located in residential complex “Izumrudnyi”. The apartment owners are a young married couple with two children and they wanted to make their dwelling as light and cozy as possible. To create the atmosphere the mix of Scandinavian and Provence styles was used.

One of the door apertures was bricked up, therefore the bathroom became larger and an entrance to the kitchen from the living room was made. They were divided by a multicolor brick wall and zoned by floor coating: tiles and woodwork. Almost all the furniture is custom-made from original sketches.

Bright accents bring special appeal to the light interior: cushions, lampshades, paintings and rugs brought by the owners from Scandinavia. There is a library in ceiling height white niches; heaters are hidden behind the gratings. Special attention was paid to houseplants placed on a separate stand. Thanks to shelves and a table the balcony was turned into a fully-featured working place.

To underline the style chosen by the proprietors the designer suggested the idea to use light wood species for the ceiling in the living room, the kitchen and the master bedroom. Wallpapers in the bedroom match the textiles. There are no unnecessary details in the room – everything is hidden in the wardrobe.

The master bathroom speckles with gold. It is everywhere: in mosaics and in towel horses and even the pipes are gold yellow. There are two washstands, a bathtub and a tropical shower cubicle. The guest bathroom is more practical: it was turned into a small storage room with a washing machine and a boiler.

The light beige nursery with snow-white furniture is brightened by colorful textiles with bird patterns. The room’s peculiarity is in small details. For example, in accordance with the young proprietor’s desire a dwarf door was cut out in the entrance door.

Elizaveta Salaichuk, designer, the owner of Elizabeth Studio: “The apartment proprietors travel a lot. They’ve given to understand that they wanted to take part in interior design creation. The landlady has a very good taste so it was easy to work with her.”