helen marlen group

Who designs shop windows for Helen Marlen Group

Photographer:Irina Litvin
Vladimir Churkin is a visual merchandizer of Helen Marlen Group and 15 shop windows are at his command. Vladimir tells us how to make a person buy, about special flowers in the vase, about predictable fashion and why shop window creation is so expensive.
duty free

Brand’s spy

Illustrator:Lilit Sarkisian
Former sales clerk in a duty free shop of Kiev airport tells us about salespeople shortlisting on the basis of appearance, Russian-speaking clients in spirits department, why the employees cannot buy at work and who pays for the broken bottle of whiskey.

Taxi while you’re young

Photographer:Irina Litvin
The way that the work of modern taxi driver is: gas powered vehicles, fines, minimum tariffs. The way that gypsy cab drivers worked in the USSR. 75-year-old Anna Ivanovna tells about her 45 years of taxi driving experience. Taxi drivers from different countries share the specifics of their occupation.


Illustrator:Lilit Sarkisian
Said is a Syrian who moved to Kiev several years ago and sells gyro next to Druzhby Narodov metro station. He tells us why it is exclusively men’s work, about his immunity to burns, what the gyro-sellers have for dinner and what meat gyrates on a skewer in his kiosk.

We’re just dabbling at golf clubs

Photographer:Irina Litvin
Not everyone but only sportsmen and golf-lovers know about caddy profession. The People got to know who carries the clubs of professional players, what the weight of a golfers’ bag is, how dangerous can a ball be and why the player need psychologist’s support.

Father, bless me!

Illustrator:Lilit Sarkisian
Young priest tells about celibacy, when a cleric can wear golden cross, price list in churches, 30 thousand hrivnas things, refusal to parishioners and renunciation of priesthood.

The shadowing cannot be trusted

Illustrator:Lilit Sarkisian
Vladimir Nikolaievich is a retired lieutenant colonel of the Ukrainian special service. He is well over 60, and as the most of his colleagues carrying shoulder straps did, he became a private eye. It sounds romantic like in a crime fiction – “private detective”!

Andrey Shatyrko: ‘I am the one who I want to be.’

Photographer:Dmitry Babin
Everything that I have now is not the manna from the heaven. Even in school I needed extra money. My father told me that he would cover all the expenses for studies, but if I wanted to go out with girls I had to concern myself with it.
orator2 copy

I write what you think

Illustrator:Lilit Sarkisian
Yuriy and Yuliia, professional speechwriters, tell us about necessary skills and main professional myths.
illustration_7 copy

All power to woman

Illustrator:Lilit Sarkisian
Morals and rhythm of life on Manhattan shock and discourage many people. It is a special place where special people live and work. Dominatrix Rene Trevi told us about her work’s details and specifics.

Perfumer’s paradise

Illustrator:Lilit Sarkisian
A consultant in perfume and cosmetics store tells us why they hide perfume testers, how often mystery shoppers visit them and what they do with white slippers.
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Dr. Doolittle

Photographer:Irina Litvin
Alexandra Zhigunova, a veterinarian, tells us about heart medication for the owners, a phrase ‘you don’t treat in the right way’, about friendship between the vets and ‘wild’ Yorkshires.


Photographer:Irina Litvin
An expert in wig-making with 20 years of experience, Nataliia Korol, tells about a 15 000 dollars wig, about the price of 1 kilo of selected hair, how much time a master needs to make one wig and about a client who bought a wig to pass passport control in the airport.

Bee family

Illustrator:Julia Zakarian
Beekeeper Sergey Skakun told about where to get a diploma, "beekeeper", about travel with beehives in the trunk, reception centers wax and competition.
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A dolphin and a mermaid

Lena Komogorova, a senior trainer in dolphinarium, tells about the peculiarities of work with dolphins and what one may need to study this profession.

Face control

Photographer:Irina Litvin
Elya Kovtun, a girl with ten years of face control experience tells us whom she will never let to attend the club, about clubbers, ski thermal underwear, revenge of 'not allowed', bribes and fashion-advices.
colour2 copy

Colorist for packing

Illustrator:Lilit Sarkisian
An expert in color matching and creating Alexander tells us who is a ‘person of high risk’, how much ink is needed to print 150 km of cardboard and why only men work in this sphere.

The salary in tips

Illustrator:Julia Zakarian
Waiter Alexey tells us how he was scared of restaurants before he started working there, about bloody callosities, who eats unsold dishes and why you cannot call your guests as clients.

Tram Renaissance

Photographer:Irina Litvin
The drivers of modern trams tell us when the rails are most slippery, how thorough their knowledge in physics is and why they are prohibited to move left foot while they work.

Professional smoker

Photographer:Anastasiia Gurina
Yekaterina Dolgun, eight years experienced vitolier, tells us about international cigars’ ratings, hedonistic clients and intellectual smoking.