Home suite

Photographer:Andrei Avdeenko
A one-bedroom and a two-bedroom apartments united have made a 90 square meters space in a panel house in the center of Kiev. Used to living in lux hotel rooms the proprietors wanted their dwelling to be simple and ergonomic.
loft, design, interior

American loft

Photographer:Andrei Avdeenko
Two apartments were joined together to create an open space. Master bedroom and bathroom are separated only by a glass partition.
neo-classical style

Neo-classical townhouse

Photographer:Vladimir Khomiakov
Up-to-the-minute neo-classical style and art deco have harmonically fused in 136 square meters large three-bedroom apartment. The interior is rich in white color and bright elements.

Country style apartment

Photographer:Vladimir Khomiakov
A country style apartment with a nursery looking like a cabin for the family of four people.
design, interior, Country house

Country house to spend weekends

Photographer:Andrei Avdeenko
Unusual ultra-modern country house near Kiev that was constructed on the place of a rural “hut-shed”.

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350 square meters house in Kiev suburbs

Photographer:Irina Litvin
The idea of the project was born after their trip to Slovenia and Slovakia where they have seen the half-timbered houses.

15 reasons to visit Batumi

Photographer:Georgi Chumburidze
15 reasons to visit Batumi: feel like you are in Italy, see graffiti, drive a Mercedes, get to know Adzharia, ride a skateboard, take a night flight...

Daylight Company showroom

Photographer:Irina Litvin
The showroom of the exclusive textile fabrics and wallpapers company Daylight is the fourth one and it is used only for work with professional designers and architects.

French style apartment

Photographer:Irina Litvin
Apartment in a new building with light, sunny and geat wive

One-room apartment in pop art style

Photographer:Irina Litvin
The apartment was subjected to the cardinal renovation in three months. The design was created by the owners. Their extravagant fantasies were inspired by the king of pop art Andy Warhol.

This is retro

Photographer:Julia Nikitina
As the alternative to the expensive rent, Ukrainian businessman Vadim Navrotskiy chose his childhood love – LAZ bus with round “smiley face” as the place for Italian coffee house.