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Instapeople: Alina Kolot @alinakolot

Alina Kolot is a 22-year-old girl from the Crimea; now she is studying at the SPEOS School of photography in Paris. Before that, she has studied the profession of design engineer at Kiev National University of construction and architecture. The girl dreams to work in fashion photography sphere, photograph for Vogue and cooperate with big talent agencies.
Max Pollyul, DJ

Max Pollyul: “Music is the hardest drug for me”

Photographer:Anastasia Gurina
A DJ from Dnepropetrovsk Max Pollyul tells us how he made his first tracks without computer, why his release is included into the last album of Robert Miles and about drugs in club culture.

Instapeople: Anastasia Volkova @anastasia_volkova

A blogger and a photographer Anastasia Volkova lives in Moscow together with her husband and her cat Buffon. Nastia captures the world that surrounds her on her Canon 5D Mark III or iPhone 6: people, landscapes, delicious dishes and everyday life.
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Sixty-year-old girl

Photographer:Irina Litvin
Elena is a woman of sixty-seven and you can meet her in Kiev nightclubs, at parties, fashion shows and exhibitions. As she is very sociable and active, she’d better be called a girl than an old woman.
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Instapeople: Mustafa Seven @mustafaseven

A photographer from Istanbul Mustafa Seven throughout 17 years has had a chance to work almost for every countrywide newspaper. For today, he has released his photobook and holds master classes in different countries.
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Instapeople: Ciler Gecici @audiosoup

Ciler Gecici is a musical director and a keen traveler. In her profile you can find unusual landscapes and portraits, most of the photos are of her hometown Istanbul. Ciler is followed by 712 thousand people.
surfer, traveler, ukrainian

Change the destiny

Photographer:Irina Litvin
Kirill has ditched his job and has decided to become a surfer. He lives on 600 dollars per month from his Kiev apartment lease. His acquaintances called him a loafer behind his back. Kirill dreams to become a surfing instructor and traveler status is rather convenient for him.
Knock Knock, Brunettes Shoot Blondes

Music as virus

Photographer:Kirill Svetashov
Video “Knock Knock” of the indie pop group the Brunettes Shoot Blondes has had more than 4 million of views for two weeks. Band soloist Andrei Kovaliov tells us about group’s creative career, experience in “virus video” creation and the world reaction to the Ukrainians’ original idea.
Peony Lim @peonylim

Instapeople: Peony Lim @peonylim

Peony Lim is a fashion blogger from London. A lot of popular brands like Vogue, Tatler, Elle, Harpers Bazaar and Glamour USA, Chanel, D&G, Michael Kors, Gap, Jimmy Choo, Apple and ASOS invite her for cooperation.
one love espresso bar

Coffee man

Photographer:Irina Litvin
Vadim Granovskiy is the British champion of cezve coffee making popularizing the concept of handmade coffee, the founder of Coffee in Action Company. Vadim tells us about plantations on the volcano slope, coffee “Olympic games” and the sanctity of this drink for Sufi wise men.
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Instapeople: Sandra @miniwilla

Sandra lives in a small town in Sweden, Instagram and a blog made it possible for the mother of two children to develop her design business. The main heroes of Sandra’s photos are her children, Wilton and Della.

Instapeople: Натали Масли @nataliemasli

Natalie Masli from Australia speaks five languages and wants to become a volunteer of the international organization Medicins Sans Frontieres. She has already had volunteering experience in Nepal; Natalie adores traveling and studies medicine.

Aleksandr Melamud: “We work for money, there are no sacred cows”.

Photographer:Irina Litvin
Aleksandr Melamud is a businessman, a millionaire, a co-owner of “Dream Town” shopping centers, Aquarium, stores and restaurants, former co-owner of Globus center and “Alpha-nafta” company. He tells us about his characters traits that helped him to become successful, about reluctance to do business abroad, about his six poetry books and reveals the secret of close-knit family.

Instapeople: Lola Dzhuraeva @spring_sunshine

Lola Dzhuraeva from St. Petersburg has graduated from the University of Cinematography and television, photography department. After her trip to Sebastopol, she became an active Instagram user and photography became the lifetime project.

Instapeople: Nana Hagel @nana_ha

Nana Hagel from Copenhagen in Denmark, is a 26-year-old travel journalist. Now the girl lives in New York, helps SundaySuppers studio, and keeps her blog farandclose.com at the same time.
people, Germany

People in the city: Berlin

Photographer:Anastasiia Maksimchuk
The People watched the Berlin inhabitants and got to know about their free time, work, clothes they wear and their thoughts during walks in the city.