Max Pollyul, DJ

Max Pollyul: “Music is the hardest drug for me”

Photographer:Anastasia Gurina
A DJ from Dnepropetrovsk Max Pollyul tells us how he made his first tracks without computer, why his release is included into the last album of Robert Miles and about drugs in club culture.


I began playing music at the age of 13. It was not spread in our country then and I used to listen to underground radio stations, which broadcasted the shows of the first Ukrainian DJs. I think it aroused my interest to music and deejaying.

In those days, I had no computer, so I came to see my friend and wrote music at his place. I could be absorbed into the world of music for three hours or so forgetting about my friend and everything. He had Fruity Loops program, it was the simplest instrument for tracks creation, which helped me to learn 101 of this art. Electronic music was a ray of sunshine; it attracted me a lot, as I discovered something new and unexplored for myself. The more I immersed into tracks creation the more I was absorbed.

I started with trial and error. It was impossible before to find a manual of program usage or tracks creation. The Internet was very slow and it took 45 minutes to download one song. Nowadays the art of deejaying and producing is affordable therefore widespread. As every owner of a photo camera thinks himself or herself to be a super photographer, the same is in deejaying – everyone who has a PC and necessary software can compose and call oneself a DJ or a musician.


DJ, Max Pollyul

At the age of 14, I made my debut in Vacuum nightclub where the first underground parties in Dnepropetrovsk were held. My official release was in 2008 at Kiev sound-recording firm Physical Gravity. After that, I released my music in Spain and Germany; I just sent my demo-versions of recordings to different foreign companies with my very own sounding and I signed contracts with the ones who appraised my work.

The biggest honorarium I got for the remix of Robert Miles’s track; I officially won in the contest that defined the best remixes of “Thirteen” album and I won 400 pounds. I spent my winning for different musical fancy gadgets.

My most memorable show was at The Best City.UA festival: giant stage, perfect sound, professional organization and thousands of people; everything was just perfect.


Today my life is devoted to music: I organize parties and festivals, I do deejaying. Music is everything for me. I don’t think I can ever give it up. I can give up everything but not music.

Dj, Max Pollyul

My party series is called Moodnight. I try to make every party unique, for example, I devote each event to a certain country – Great Britain, France, Germany. I draw in musicians who play electronica popular in these countries. Sometimes modern art exhibitions are the addition to parties. The audience to create warm atmosphere is very important as well.

I think that for today I haven’t done anything particular I can boast, my achievements are before me. I enjoy what I do and try to perfect myself. I see no limits or ultimate goal for perfection in this area. I would like to play on tours in different countries, give my music to people and travel the world; however, I am happy with what I have now. I take great delight in composing at home or performing in nightclubs.

Breaking stereotypes

The culture of electronic music is much more developed in Kiev than in Dnepropetrovsk. There are few locations here to organize parties. There is a constant stream of people and experience exchange in the capital.

There is the dark side of the club life – drugs, which although help club culture to develop in their turn. We are hard pressed for drugs here in Dnepropetrovsk. It is not the vital factor, of course, but we cannot deny it. For example, raves in Europe last for several days non-stop and no big festival can do without stimulants. However, I want to prove that music is wonderful without drugs as well. By personal example I demonstrate that it is possible to lead a healthy life and be successful at the same time and that music is the hardest drug for me.

In my free time, I do sport. I like active leisure: cycling, jogging and going to gym are the things I enjoy most. I read philosophical books; now Osho’s works are near my heart. His books help me to find my direction and set priorities.


Max Pollyul is a brand and my beard is my calling card. I remember myself wearing beard since I was 16. Everyone in my family through parental linage used to wear beard or moustache, but I am the most bearded. I am sure that if I shave no one will recognize me.

Image for a performer is very important, but he or she should produce high-quality product first, in my case music. Many want to thank me for what I do after the parties or write in social networks. To tell the truth, I am embarrassed, especially when men praise me. I am often asked to give lessons of deejaying or producing. I just have no time, but I am open to help people and when I am asked for a piece of advice or to listen to someone’s tracks I always try to pay attention and to steer in the right direction.

dj, Max Pollyul

Now I am planning a tour in the Netherlands. I hope that I get visa till the end of the year and I make my journey. It would be my first tour abroad.