IT company office: Scandinavian style loft (Lvov)

Photographer:Olena Galaziuk
A 300 square meters big office of a Lvov IT company is in Scandinavian style and includes a big open space.

A 300 square meters open space is located in the business center “Rius” in the heart of Lvov. The building fa?ade doesn’t stand out against other buildings as it is archaistic. In a couple of months the two-room premises has turned into an office for a European company engaged in programming and IT developments.

There were no difficulties in design realization as the clients have initially given understand what they wanted. Even though the designers supervised the project from the capital, they managed to keep control of the process.

Inspired by the Scandinavian style they have decided to implement it in the office. One of the rooms has become an open space. The second room is the break area, a kind of lounge, which can be easily transformed into a training room. Bright accents of red chairs and sofas contrast with the light walls.

The furniture is custom-made from sketches to create the most comfortable and cozy atmosphere for the workers. The colors were chosen in accordance with the company logo and corporate style.

Anna Venediktova, Ekaterina Sokolovskaia, owners of «Divine Design»: As this company is European, we decided to offer them a light loft with elements of the Scandinavian style, and to choose colors from the company brand book. Although it has taken only a couple of months to finish the redesign works, the project approval lasted rather long. The customers have decided in favor of a comfortable and simple office. We as designers wanted to realize all the ideas we had but we are very satisfied and happy with the result of our work.