InstaTOP: 10 politicians who cope with Instagram


The first lady of the USA Michelle Obama doesn’t fall behind the universal tendencies, so her Instagram profile is updated every day with new photos and videos. The official page of the Presidents’ wife is kept by her numerous assistants.

Wherever Michelle goes, whether it’s a social event, a starry talk show or a political reception, the next portion of photos will surely make her followers happy. Having looked through Mrs. Obama’s account one can say that she must be the most active and sportive first lady ever, because she can organize dances and noisy merriment even in the White House. 



The Russian Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev has decided not to be left behind by the foreign colleagues and has created his Instagram account. In his mini blog the prime minister often publishes photos taken by himself during various trips.

His lift look has drawn a wide response in the Russian mass media. The sensational photo has certainly added the followers to prime minister’s account. For now his page is being followed by 500 thousand subscribers.



The account of the American President was created during the 2012 election campaign. As his wife does, he doesn’t take the trouble of mini blog keeping: his team is busy with it. For two years the page of the black president has acquired more than 3 million followers.

In Obama’s mini blog there are either professional photos, or photos made on telephone. The personal photographer of the President family can catch the right moment. 



Although the account of the 43d President of the USA George Bush junior is not often updated, but he personally keeps his page. Having left the state affairs the politician has taken up book writing and painting. In his Instagram one can find both the photos from official meetings and his personal photos. For example, he has written a comment about his dog’s death to one of the photos. Today the politician’s life in Instagram is being followed by 100 thousand subscribers.



During the election campaign the fifth Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko created accounts almost in every popular social network, not avoiding Instagram. Today the account has 3 thousand subscribers.

In the beginning the President, to be more precise his team, uploaded picture with election slogans. Now the photos of the head of state are duplicated in other social networks. The photos have laconic descriptions written by the President himself, but his assistants obviously don’t save on #Poroshenko and #Ukraine hashtags. 



Michael Bloomberg is a businessman, media magnate holding the New York office for three consecutive terms. He left the post in January but his political and social activity hasn’t faded away.

The heritage of millionaire mayor is discrepant, as every politician he has followers and opponents. Anyway, Bloomberg is a cult person in business world and the example that a lot of political events happen on the local level.



The person of Nicolas Sarkozy, the former French President, has always attracted a lot of curiosity by his intrigues and scandals. This July he was detained on charges of corruption and official status abuse.

The account of Nicolas Sarkozy hasn’t been updated since this January. The previous post is dated May 2012. Seems that due to the flared up scandal Sarkozy followers are not going to see status updates in Instagram from their favourite politician. 



Ramzan Kadyrov is the head of Chechen Republic and the active Instagram user. More than 400 thousand followers are always well informed of what the politician is doing, whether it is the family celebration, official reception, training in the gym or fishing.

The kinship is the most important thing for the Chechen Republic head: he regularly uploads family photos. Kadyrov adores photo and video collages. The head of the state is subscribed for Timati, Nikolai Baskov, Stas Piekha and Tina Kandelaki’s accounts.

The inveterate sportsman Kadyrov shares his and his compatriots’ sportive achievements via his mini blog.



The mayor of Kharkov Hennadiy Kernes keeps his Instagram account personally. Via his mini blog the politician communicates with his companions and shares his active lifestyle with more than 90 thousand users.

The lion’s share of Kernes’s pictures are selfies, photos together with his wife and shoots from the trainings. One can notice from the politician’s account that he is not only an ardent sportsman but a fashionist too: his strong suit is posing wearing stylish peaked caps and tracksuits. The integral part of his photos is two thumbs up.



The wife of the President of Azerbaijan Mehriban Alieva is not only the political and social figure, but a woman of fashion too. Her restrained and elegant style is the example for many women.

Via the account of the first lady the subscribers can follow either the politician’s official meetings, or her outfits. In spite of having not only three children, but the grandchildren either, she is in perfect physical form. The life of one of the most stylish first ladies is being followed by 14 thousand of Instagram users.