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Instapeople: Mustafa Seven @mustafaseven

A photographer from Istanbul Mustafa Seven throughout 17 years has had a chance to work almost for every countrywide newspaper. For today, he has released his photobook and holds master classes in different countries.


A traveler and a photographer Mustafa Seven has been to the most of European countries, he has also been to America, Russia, to the Philippines and many other corners of the world, but he always returns to his favorite city Istanbul. The street photographer captures the cities and their flamboyant inhabitants and tempting landscapes.

40-year-old photographer was born in Sivas, Turkey, but he has been living in Istanbul since he was two. He has graduated from a university, majoring in graphic design, and showed a talent for photographing. Throughout 17 years, Mustafa has had a chance to work as a photo reporter almost for every countrywide newspaper, then he became a photo coordinator in one of them, and later he went into business.

Seven adores traveling. While visiting a new country, first of all, he tries to understand its culture to reflect the local color in his photos. That’s why the traveler strolls and observes everything around before he makes the first shot.

The account @mustafaseven has existed for two years already. Since then the application has become a personal portfolio and powerful communication means for Mustafa. In the beginning, the photographer as the most of mini-blog users uploaded shots chosen at random, but once he decided to use his profile as a personal library. Since then he takes the content choice very seriously, and the number of his subscribers has increased thousandfold.

Seven often works outdoors or in his studio 18 hours a day. He uses Canon 5D mark III or Samsung NX300, only sometimes he takes pictures with his IPhone. Mustafa tries to keep his particular style and to treat his work from a point of view of social responsibility. The biggest award for him is when his projects find a broad response in other people’ hearts.

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