red bathtub

Apartment with red bathtub

Photographer:Vladimir Khomiakov
Three-room apartment in modernism style with red accents and unusual bathtub.

A three-room apartment in modernism style is located in a new building in Obolon. 120 square meters area was redesigned by means of niches and built-in constructions.

The apartment for a young family with a child is performed in white and red colors. The reason to choose this color scheme was the Italian red bathtub, which the owners ordered before the renovation.

Turquoise tone is dominant in the bedroom. At the entrance to the room, there is a storage tower with mirror elements that visually expand the space. The illusion of a suspended bed is reached due to the built-in illumination.

As a result of redesign the living room, the kitchen and the balcony are an integrated space. Scarlet kitchen from Ayax studio is equipped with several lines of illumination. The electrical appliances including fridge, microwave oven, steam cooker and coffee machine are placed in one block that allowed freeing a space from unnecessary details. Photo wallpapers with lily pattern and stylized dustbins are the idea of the landlady.

Cosmic chandelier from Foscarini adds brightness to the living room. The red theme is visible in d?cor elements and units attached to the walls.

The bathroom is the most saturated room in the apartment. The motley bathtub was raised a bit; floor tiles match its color. Black and yellow chandelier is not typical for a bathroom and looks rather weird.

In the guest bathroom, a washbasin, a toilet sink and the washing machine hidden in the cabinet are densely sited. Cabinet doors are made in photo print technique on glass. Black and white mosaic tiles unite one of the walls with the floor.

The nursery is a dream of every little racing driver as a hackneyed bed was transformed into a racing car. Walls are also decorated with photo wallpapers, and the windowsill turned into a table.


Elizaveta Salaichuk, designer, owner of Elizabeth Studio: “The red bathtub marked the beginning of everything. We came to examine the apartment and it was already there within bare walls. The owners bought it during their trip abroad and wanted that the design of the whole apartment matched the bathtub.”