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Instapeople: Alina Kolot @alinakolot

Alina Kolot is a 22-year-old girl from the Crimea; now she is studying at the SPEOS School of photography in Paris. Before that, she has studied the profession of design engineer at Kiev National University of construction and architecture. The girl dreams to work in fashion photography sphere, photograph for Vogue and cooperate with big talent agencies.

Home suite

Photographer:Andrei Avdeenko
A one-bedroom and a two-bedroom apartments united have made a 90 square meters space in a panel house in the center of Kiev. Used to living in lux hotel rooms the proprietors wanted their dwelling to be simple and ergonomic.
Max Pollyul, DJ

Max Pollyul: “Music is the hardest drug for me”

Photographer:Anastasia Gurina
A DJ from Dnepropetrovsk Max Pollyul tells us how he made his first tracks without computer, why his release is included into the last album of Robert Miles and about drugs in club culture.

Instapeople: Anastasia Volkova @anastasia_volkova

A blogger and a photographer Anastasia Volkova lives in Moscow together with her husband and her cat Buffon. Nastia captures the world that surrounds her on her Canon 5D Mark III or iPhone 6: people, landscapes, delicious dishes and everyday life.
old woman, freek

Sixty-year-old girl

Photographer:Irina Litvin
Elena is a woman of sixty-seven and you can meet her in Kiev nightclubs, at parties, fashion shows and exhibitions. As she is very sociable and active, she’d better be called a girl than an old woman.
mustafa seven, instagram, instapeople

Instapeople: Mustafa Seven @mustafaseven

A photographer from Istanbul Mustafa Seven throughout 17 years has had a chance to work almost for every countrywide newspaper. For today, he has released his photobook and holds master classes in different countries.
helen marlen group

Who designs shop windows for Helen Marlen Group

Photographer:Irina Litvin
Vladimir Churkin is a visual merchandizer of Helen Marlen Group and 15 shop windows are at his command. Vladimir tells us how to make a person buy, about special flowers in the vase, about predictable fashion and why shop window creation is so expensive.
loft, design, interior

American loft

Photographer:Andrei Avdeenko
Two apartments were joined together to create an open space. Master bedroom and bathroom are separated only by a glass partition.
Inna’s Granola, granola

American breakfast as Ukrainian business

Photographer:Irina Litvin
Young married couple Sasha and Karina promote in Ukraine granola, the American breakfast. They promise that their trademark Inna’s Granola would be on a level with European standards.
duty free

Brand’s spy

Illustrator:Lilit Sarkisian
Former sales clerk in a duty free shop of Kiev airport tells us about salespeople shortlisting on the basis of appearance, Russian-speaking clients in spirits department, why the employees cannot buy at work and who pays for the broken bottle of whiskey.
instagram, @audiosoup, Ciler Gecici,

Instapeople: Ciler Gecici @audiosoup

Ciler Gecici is a musical director and a keen traveler. In her profile you can find unusual landscapes and portraits, most of the photos are of her hometown Istanbul. Ciler is followed by 712 thousand people.
barbershop, Tommy Gun

Al Capone hairdo

Photographer:Irina Litvin
Brothers Maksim and Aleksandr Galevich opened a barber’s shop “Tommy Gun” where men cut and shave men only. The brothers tell The People about treating clients to whiskey, about absence of competition and the network growth in Ukraine.
Aurora Ogorodnyk

Down with naphthalene in restaurants!

Photographer:Ekaterina Nedesnova
Avrora Ogorodnik is a co-owner of Ukrainian restaurateurs’ forum RestoPraktiki. Avrora tells The People why 5000 hrivnas for a three-day lectures course is a reasonable price, about Praktiki transfer to Lvov, development of local cuisine and ideas.
surfer, traveler, ukrainian

Change the destiny

Photographer:Irina Litvin
Kirill has ditched his job and has decided to become a surfer. He lives on 600 dollars per month from his Kiev apartment lease. His acquaintances called him a loafer behind his back. Kirill dreams to become a surfing instructor and traveler status is rather convenient for him.

Expedition in search of ideas

Photographer:Lena Petrosiuk
Igor Shaverskyi and Nazar Gulik are boys from Kiev who have decided to say goodbye to successful careers of banker and drumbeater and go off on a world tour. They have taken along with them two backpacks, plenty of enthusiasm and the goal to find interesting business projects in every corner of the planet. The journey began less than two months ago, but the boys, already inspired and experienced, have told us about the Georgian acquaintances, Oriental hospitality and the Greek acts of god.

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